Get Real! is a unique opportunity to learn about yourself, career and college planning, personal growth, goal setting, true love and marriage, cost of living and even parenting. Thinking ahead can really help you NOW avoid lost time and money, avoid major frustration while adding focus and motivation for you through out high school. 

You only get one life, so why not plan it out so it can be what you want?
Think about it...when are you supposed to plan your life? Where in your day do you get REAL current information about what it takes to have a successful life? The answer is probably no where.
     Build a REAL life can save you tons of time and frustration. We've gathered up great information in one easy place for you, because we know you're busy and not likely to go searching for this kind of stuff.
     We also KNOW from our professional, parenting and personal life experiences that thinking about your current life and your future life will ABSOLUTELY pay off for you.
It will all help you build the life of your hopes and dreams!
     Build a REAL life is free for you to use and updated regularly based on input and suggestions from teens who use it.
    If you like what Build a REAL life offers consider doing the Get Real! reality project for teenagers. This workbook takes you on a journey into yourself, who you are and who/what you want to be, teaches you some highly valuable learning tools, while you plan the future of your dreams with REAL up to date information.
Travel on a journey of self-discovery and plan your future!
Download a FREE journal you can use to take notes on information you find and your thoughts to keep as you go along your journey!

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